KJM water feature

Another successful collaboration with Water Motion Energy, and another prestigious award: the Landscape Association of South Australia 2013 Judges Choice award.

The client brief from director Kim Mcnamara was short and broad.

Being well travelled throughout the remotest parts of all of Australia (KJM are remote area camp set up specialists) he has an affinity with the rivers of Australia, and wanted this expressed. He also stipulated a map of Australia be included

He wished to integrate a map of Australia, which we did in a striking fashion, and in a manner that offered some screening to the outside lunch area: a translucent, segmented map that forms a whole as it is passed.

We took the direction of designing the ponds around the serpentine nature of rivers, including spillways alluding to weirs, and planted areas both inside and outside to replicate the headlands left after flooding and the changing of a rivers direction.

To further the natural feel we placed large granite boulders in and around the pond.